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Meeting Details


Time: 10AM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)


Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting), Ralf Herzog (Roche), Marti Velezis (Sonrisa / FDA), Riki Merrick (Vernetzt, LLC / APHL), Annie Raval (CDC/BAH), Scott Fradkin (Flexion), Michael Lingenfelter (CDC), Kayla Perkins (CDC), Kathy Walsh (Labcorp), Gelu Comanescu, Andrea, Ana Szarfman (FDA), Dan Rutz

Chair: Ralf Herzog

Scribe: Riki Merrick

  • Quorum (Co-Chair + 2) Met 


  • Workflow Topics
  • JIRA Tickets 
  • AOB?

Meeting Resources

PSS: PSS-2101

IG Proposal: Clinical Order Workflow (COW)

JIRA Tickets: OO Workflow JIRAs

Background Materials


  • Zulip chat about resource linkage - Marti Velezis if you want to add the link, plase do:
    • every resource is linked to one of the modules – discussion on PC about re-aligning OO resources links to the clinical module
    • ServiceRequest is in worklfow under clinical orders, along with VisionPrescription and NutritionOrder
    • The index drives where the breadcrumbs are in the resources
    • Some resources can be mentioned in more than one module, but cannot be indexed in more than on Index
    • NutritionIntake – put it in clinical module index, but someone would have to write the text to show up in the module below
    • Only resources in the index should show up on the home page
    • Grahame has asked to leave resources where they are at now in the index, only add the missing ones
    • The homepage links should be fixed based on the index

JIRA Tickets:

  • FHIR-40581 Update Diagnostic Module - Developmental Roadmap
    • Need to revise this section of the Diagnostic module for R5 publication
    • Confluence page for edits: Diagnostic Module - Developmental Roadmap
      • Level set: Reason for this section is to explain what the goal for the resources in this module is
      • Observation needs to be pulled into separate bullet – indicate we may add more STU elements if needed for support of new use cases – any further development will follow the rules for normative resources
      • DiagnosticReport is FMM3 – we don’t want to push this to normative too fast – we have learned our lesson with observation; we need to exercise many more use cases
      • Move ImagingStudy down and add genomicStudy and molecularSequence into one bullet, since they are all at the same level
      • Or do we want to separate the resources that are being worked in different WGs into separate bullets
      • Remove bullet for Media – the resource no longer exists, it was replaced by attachment datatype and DocumentReference
      • ServiceRequest summarize the substantial changes leading up to R4 and so, despite being used in many places, it is still immature at FMM2 – we have unapplied changes to scope and use cases, and even touch boundaries, as we work to better understand deviceSettings in context of ServiceRequest for example, the flow and relationship between the resources still need to get worked out
      • Combine statements for specimen (FMM2) and specimenDefinition (FMM1) (it has been created now) – both will need to have more implementer feedback, which will help increase their maturity levels over time.
      • BodyStructure (FMM1) – have made some changes recently but still need more feedback – it is used to describe a very specific place on the body that might have to be observed over time like for wound care or mole mapping – also it can be used to describe the anatomic body site/specimen source where collection of microbiology, genomics and pathology specimens occurs; the changes mage were to improve precision of identifying the exact location and form
      • NOTE: If we update FMM levels, we will need to go back and update
    • We will finish this on the lab call at 1 PM ET later today. 

ADJOURNED AT 11:00 AM - the other topics not disussed

  • FHIR-38971 - observation-precondition should be a modifier extension
    • Issue was returned to us by FHIR-I (sad)
    • Need to draft text for isModifier 
  • FHIR-38633 - Target Awareness
    • Need to discuss adding this extension in R5 STU (i.e., after R5 publication)

Next Meeting: March 17, 2023

From CHAT:

  • Riki Merick 10:04 AM
  •  to  Everyone 10:53 AM
    • Many thanks!
  • Andrea Pitkus  to  Everyone 10:54 AM
    • It's anatomic body site/specimen source where collection of microbiology, genomics and pathology specimens occurs
    • It can also be used for the site of surgical and other procedures
    • The Wound app uses it to indicate where on the body a wound is located, distance from anatomic sites such as navel and also location for other items like tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • 10:59 AM
    • given the evidence
  • Andrea Pitkus 10:59 AM
    • temporal location?