JD Nolen, Kathy Mercer (Labcorp), Rob Herzog (Roche), Riki Merrick (Vernetzt, LLC / APHL), Andrea Pitkus (UW), Dan Rutz (Epic)

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Chair: Ralf Herzog

Scribe: Riki Merrick

Quorum met (Co-Chair+2): Yes


  • Unique identifier for 2D barcodes. 
    • More than 1 specimen on a single slide does not happen often, but can happen
    • related to
      • Old APWG work 
      • GS1 GITN work 
      • CLSI AUTO 14
    • if we can have the manufacturer provide a unique ID for the container (e.g. RFI embedded in tubes)
    • GS1 is working on a 2D barcode (Globaltrade number (14) + Serial number (20) – alphanumeric format, but a lot of characters – (minimum length listed in () for each component) as the human readable barcode potentially – will include additional elements, so even longer
    • Make this a WGM items
    • Bring up at next IHE meeting also
    • This would require updating CLSI AUTO-2 – working on updating to AUTO-14
  • FHIR R5 jira?
    • Grahame updated the publisher
    • JD has fixed his tickets, except for QA
    • Have some device jira’s left – Jose working on those
    • FHIR-29793 – valueset for bodystructure.code
      • Grahame took out the filter, now have a code set that may be too small – as it would only cover the wounding codes
      • We should put the filter in, so we can join SCT and the woundcare IG terms
      • Rob will update
    • One jira needs THO request for that code set – Rob is tagged
    • Have 13 ballot jira’s without votes?
      • Most are for device - HCP is meeting later today
      • FHIR-38956:
        • “DiagnosticReport relates directly to an order (ServiceRequest)”
          • code defines the panel that is expected to be reported on
          • This is under diagnosticReport.result in the grouping discussion.
          • This section is going to be re-written by FHIR-39168
          • Need to add the input to be able to move it along in the workflow
        • Grouping by ServiceRequest – the resource does NOT provide the structure for the grouping, but it does provide the code which links to the definition based on the lab’s catalog
        • Can you create a hierarchy of ServiceRequests, when a convenience panel is broken out into separate panels (would each create a ServieRequest?)
        • You can link multiple ways to group ServiceRequests using
        • We may have to have the spawn off ServiceRequest – for example in a clinical protocol, where some procedures are imaging and others are lab, or labs with different collection procedures
          • Acknowledge the comment is all we need to do to set to Resolved – no change
  • No call tomorrow (OO on FHIR)
  • WGM dates:
    • May 2023 WGM in New Orleans May 8- 12
    • September 2023 WGM in Phoenix, AZ: Sept 9 - 15
    • January 2024 WGM will be virtual
    • May 2024 WGM in Dallas, TX: May 18 - 24
  • Call next week – pick up the below discussion about 2D barcodes