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Meeting Details

Date: February 14, 2023

Time: 2PM

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)


JD Nolen, Hans Buitendijk, John Moehrke, Rob Hausam, Elliot Silver, Kathy Walsh, Maria Moen, Marti Velezis


  • JIRA Tickets - Backlog
  • Next Meeting


Meeting Notes

  • JIRA Tickets
    • DocumentReference 
      • FHIR-38634 - Raise DocumentReference to FMM 4
      • Applied disposition: Recommend that FMM4 as the changes have been part of use has resulted in the changes to the resource
      • Motion John Moehrke / Hans Buitendijk : 5-1-0
      • Move to Thursday Discussion/Vote
    • DiagnosticReport Narrative update (FHIR-34205, FHIR-34206, FHIR-34207) and they all can be done post R5 publication.  So did not reject them, just did not finish them as they are not part of R5 ballot.
    • FHIR-40263 - Remove basedOn and update relatesTo
      • Added comment for FHIR-I (Lloyd McKenzie ) that DocRef is following the Event pattern for basedOn to relatesTo w/Ref(RelatedArtifact).
      • Chat Question: We'll use DocRef/RelatedArtifact for the form we'll send along with the FHIR bundle when exchanging Portable Medical Orders.  Bridging the gap between paper and digital will require we deliver a familiar human-readable form in addition to the data contained in the FHIR bundle.  Is that a good use case for this ticket?  We don't think that RelatedArtifact should be used; and plan to keep this as is unless otherwise instructed by FHIR-I.
      • Need response from FHIR-I on following the pattern or making the change as proposed
    • FHIR-19250
      • Hans Buitendijk will draft for Thursday or Friday's call; we should get this done for R5 publication
      • US Core has language that we can use/modify:
        • DiagosticReport - discrete results in a structured format
        • DocRef is about scanned narrative, or existing document and non-discrete reporting (e.g., CCDA) 
        • Recognition that there is an overlap; and the consumer should expect both
        • Hans Buitendijk will draft for Thursday or Friday's call; we should get this done for R5 publication
      • Same issue as FHIR-25797 -Improve Boundary Definition for DiagnosticReport vs. DocumentReference
    • FHIR-24671 - Collaborate with SDWG to refine the value set used by DocumentReference.category
      • This category value set has been applied since this request was submitted; consider this pre-applied 
      • John Moehrke / Hans Buitendijk : 7-0-0
    • FHIR-39390 - Allow ObservationDefinition to be subject specific
      • Motion to find Not Persuasive
        • John Moehrke / Marti Velezis : 7-0-0
    • Looking for a new time for the OO on FHIR meetings as this time is difficult for some of the participants
    •  No meeting next week – we will be focused on applying the changes prior to R5 publication.
    • Next Meeting: February 28, 2023

------end of meeting-----