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Meeting Details

Date:  February 3, 2023

Time: 1PM ET

Coordinates:  Join Zoom meeting: | Meeting ID: 510 046 7805 | +1 929-436-2866-US (New York)

Co-chair: Ralf Herzog



Ralf Herzog, R. Michael Lingenfelter (BAH/CDC), Jeffrey Bryant Chin, Gelu Comanescu, Scott Fradkin, Kathy Walsh, Rob Hausam, Steve Nichols, Annie Raval, Andrea Pitkus, Marti Velezis, Brian Handspicker, JD Nolen, Jose Costa Teixeira


  • R5 Ballot JIRAs
  • Workflow Topics (if completed R5)
  • AOB?


R5 Ballot Issues


  • FHIR-38633 -Target Awareness Element or Extension
    • RE: Observation, Condition
    • Should this be external to the resource - for all "Status-like" information - this need additional discussion
    • Discussed using "Communication"
    • Still pending resolution - comment to Gay Dolin to find out if this needs to be included in R5 publication as an extension? or can it wait for R5 STU?
    • Sent Gay a direct email on this JIRA and cc: Co-chairs 
  • CR/Examples: 
    • FHIR-32947 - Example has old valuseset
      • Discussion that there may need to be additional work to move this to THO, but that will be taken as a separate action
        • Robert Hausam Please create a separate JIRA/THO request as necessary for the codeSystem to be elevated to THO maintenance


  • FHIR-39141 - Transport reasonCode and reasonReference should be merged to CodeableReference
    • This was discussed that we have been including codableReference for these types of requests and will do so for Transport.reason 
      • Remove 

        • reasonCode (CodeableConcept): Why transport is needed
        • reasonReference (Reference): Why transport is needed

        and replace it with 

        • reason (CodeableReference): Why transport is needed

        with a cardinality of 0..*

    • Motion to find with Persuasive with Modification
      • Rob Hausam / Jose Costa Teixeira: 13 - 0 - 0


  • FHIR-32265 - Support the storage of parameters related to the procedure/devices in the ServiceRequest in a structured way
    • This was deferred to be done in R5 based on previous comment:
    • We will make the following proposed disposition to the submitter (as this is an In Person comment) 
      • Ricardo Quintano and Bas van den Heuvel we have updated the JIRA and added a comment to find out if the following proposed changes are acceptable.

        AttributeCardData TypeComments
        .orderDetail0..*BackboneElementAdditional information about the request
        >>code1..1CodeableConceptIndicates the details of the order being requested
        >>value[x]1..1Quantity | Ratio | Range | boolean | CodeableConcept | string | PeriodIndicates a value for the order detail
        >>Focus0..1CodeableReference (Device | DeviceDefinition | DeviceRequest | SupplyRequest | MedicationRequest | Medication | BiologicallyDerivedProduct | Substance)Indicates the context of the order details by reference 


  • FHIR-38953 - quantitativeDetails is not flexible enough, incomplete and overly complex
    • See comments - Partial proposed resolution
    • From 1/27/2023 Call - For conversions – depending on the use of element 
      • Concern in limiting units to UCUM 
      • Note: This should not be used when different methods are being used
      • This is on the ObservationDefinition (i.e., not specifying the actual (instance) of the observation)
      • Action item to determine the requirement for quantitativeDetails
        • Need to understand how this was intended to be used 
        • Revisit the list of issues noted by the submitter
        • Ralf Herzog will draft an email on customaryUnit
        • Also - consider jurisdiction for the units of measure 
        • Follow-up: Jose Costa-Teixeira applied the change to add the quantitativeDetails in 2017 (will need to inquire if he remembers the update)
    • From 2/3/2023 call
      • That still leaves one topic unaddressed: the conversion factor is not sufficient to describe conversions like Fahrenheit/Celsius or db/db(A)
      • Motion to find Persuasive with Modification
        • Rob Hausam / Jose Costa Teixeira : 12 - 0 - 0 
        • Assign to Jose Costa Teixeira

-----------Adjourned the meeting at 11:03AM EDT------------------

Other Workflow Topics


  • FHIR-40310 - Change Transport.reason element name to something else (confusion) and fixed missing codes for TransportReason