Ralf Herzog (Roche), Riki Merrick (Vernetzt, LLC / APHL), Kathy Walsh (Labcorp), JD Nolen, (Mercy Children's Hospital) Rob Hausam (Hausam Consulting), Andrea Pitkius (UW)

Chair: JD Nolen

Scribe: Riki Merrick

Quorum (Co-Chair +2) met = Yes

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Specimen dashboard

  • – How to deal with specimen attribute guidance that was removed in R5
    • Looking at R4 Diff
      • Deleted in R5
        • procedure
        • identifier
        • description
        • type
        • capacity
        • additive
      • Container attributes are now covered by linking to device
      • procedure was changed to processingMethod
          • the example valueset is not using specimen processing appropriate concepts, currently using HL7v2-0375,
          • better use SNOMED CT for this – use descendants of 9265001 | Specimen processing (procedure)
          • long-term approach would be to get this into UTG, ideally before R5
        • Motion to
          • #1 update the values set with example binding for specimen.processing.method to use descendant of SNOMED CT 9265001 | Specimen processing (procedure) – UTG request
          • #2 fix broken link for specimen container general specimen example
          • Find persuasive with mod – Riki, Kathy, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain:0, in favor: 4
            • Clarification, non-substantive, for R5, assign to JD, add comment to tag Rob to help with UTG request
  • – withdrawn, because it says for R4
    • Motion to Mark as duplicate of and indicate it was withdrawn – Riki Merrick, Kathy Walsh, further discussion: this should already be closed based on having been withdrawn!, against: 0, abstain:0, in favor: 4
  • – bodyStructure 3 dimensional reference
    • For skin / wounds we have clockface from landmark, but what do we do for images?
    • imagingSelection allows to identify landmarks and distances in 3 axes from that landmark
      • imageRegion – maps to 3D DICOM frame of reference – can also be done on instance for 2D
    • Motion to find persuasive and add the new element as suggested– Riki Merrick, Kathy Walsh, no further discussion, against: 0, abstain:0, in favor: 4
      • Compatible, substantive – enhancement, assign to JD
  • – is PatientCare
    • Remove bodyStructure from related artifacts
  • – Specimen.parent to change to specimen.children
    • Create guidance text on how to do the recurcsive search using the specimen.parent link (find all specimen, where specimen.parent is the same will return all the children)
  • – remove specimen out of group.member types
    • We need to have specimen in group for these reasons:
      • When an observation relates to more than one distinct specimen of 2 different types – for example a calculation of Creatinine clearance based on the results of Urine and specimen
      • When several samples were pooled for the observation
      • This also got added to allow mapping for OBX-33, which allows reference to many specimen and we could not update cardinality for observation.specimen reference –