Attendees: Kathy Walsh, JD Nolen, Ralf Herzog, Andrea Pitkus, Dan Rutz


FHIR-39795 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

  • Make it a codable reference to either Device or DeviceDefinition so one could use a code or a reference to device or a type of device. 

FHIR-39796 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • Increases flexibility. No downside noticed. 

Talk about how to capture X/Y/Z coordinates for the location in a body. Is this in bodyStructure? Use case with radiation administration (exactly where was the dose given). 

JD will email PC and II about thoughts on capturing this data. BodyStructure appears to be the best since most resources and IGs that would represent or refer to the data already point to BodyStructure. 

We do need to figure out how this works for digital pathology (slide landmarks, etc.) 


From Andrea Pitkus to Everyone 01:16 PM
Will distance be available in all planes (X, Y, Z, time if needed)?
From Andrea Pitkus to Everyone 01:22 PM
or each prostate biopsy when multiple specimens taken
and used in gleason score.
From Andrea Pitkus to Everyone 01:48 PM
right Dan!
Is this in FHIR already? to ralf's point?
radiation oncology
123014 Target Region Anatomic Region to be imaged.