Attendees: JD Nolen, Jose Costa-Teixeira, Kathy Walsh, Andrea Pitkus, Annie Raval, Kayla Perkins,  Maurice Reeves, R. Michael Lingenfelter, Scott Fradkin, Ana Szarfman


  1. Reviewed prior minutes 
  2. IG work Clinical Order Workflow (COW)
    1. Jose Costa-Teixeira and Robert Hausam will work together on details over the next two weeks to get the IG formatted and moved into the HL7 repo
    2. Need for cross-walk between regulatory requirements and the IG, so "best practices" or "best behavior" is recommended to implementors. 
    3. IG needs to help define the use/boundaries between order status, task status, etc. (glossary) 
    4. How does this square with IHE profiles?
  3. JIRA on Task 
    1. FHIR-39324 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      1. Example codes (we'll continue in the next call)
        1. Specimen collected ← Not clear whether we need this - it's in specimen
        2. IG prepped ← TBD
  4. Next meeting. Leaning to cancelling next week (1/13) due to travel to the WGM the week after. Regular meeting after WGM (1/27).