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Time: 1 - 2 PM ET





JD NolenChildren's Mercy Hospital
Rob HausamHausa, Consulting
Kathy WalshLabCorp
Nancy SpectorAMA
Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sam BhatiaSalesforce
Ralf HerzogRoche
Marti VelezisSonrisa / FDA
Dan RutzEpic

Chair: JD Nolen

Scribe: JD Nolen


  • Agenda Review

  • Minutes
    • 2020-08-27   Kathy/Ralf    Ag: 0, Ab: 0 Fav: 6   PASSED
    • 2020-09-03   Kathy/Ralf   Ag: 0  Ab: 2   Fav: 6   PASSED
  • September WGM Timeslots
    • WGM General Schedule
    • OO WGM Agenda - 202009
    • OO WGM 202009 - Attendance Log 
    • Question about LIVID schedule and Hans availability...will talk tomorrow on LIVD call  
    • TODO: Double check on our schedule and posted schedule (esp FHIR I 15 min) 
    • Message Structure Review
      • TODO: Need update from Hans
      • Need to have a review between OO, PA, InM.  Hans Buitendijkto reach out.
      • V2+ would have problems with current structures that have "errors"
      • Target to have our internal review done first week September

  • eDOS Peer Review
    • On the WGM schedule
  • Ballot Summary
    • DME
    • UDI - On the WGM agenda 
    • v2-to-FHIR
    • Nutrition
      • Reviewed upcoming work, updating DAM scope, and at instance/kind.
      • Meeting
        • Every other Wednesday 2-3 ET
      • Project page link: Nutrition
    • Specimen DAM
    • FHIR - OO on FHIR
      • Have been on hiatus due to other topics needing publication.
      • Reconvene after WGM? 
      • Meeting
        • Every Tuesday 2 - 3 PM ET
      • Project page link: FHIR
      • IHE needs to update Volume IV to reflect CMS vocabulary.
      • Also needs to consider alternative use of ORU to clarify how OBX could be used, plus mapping to FT1.
      • CDSM connection is still proprietary, interest to get CDS Hooks/Standards.
      • Change to the name of the LOINC Code. 
    • CIMI/Concept Modeling - NO UPDATE
      • Co-chair will meet to discuss the future of the group – Lorraine will check what’s up
      • Need to sort out Post-Acute Orders vs. DME (as in NIB).
      • Check with Bob Dieterle.  Needed before publication.
      • Project Page Link: DME Project
    • Healthcare Product: Device/DeviceDefinition/UDI
      • UDI IG draft proposal for Aug 31 and then to OO.
      • UDI DAM in ballot
      • BR&R
      • PPE/Inventory August 24
      • Resource Proposal Updates
      • Meeting: Every Monday 3 -4 PM ET
    • V2+  NO UPDATE
      • Still need to look at open tickets and message structure issues (debate continues) 
      • Meetings:
        • Every other Friday, 9-10am ET
      • Project Page Link: V2+
    • V2-to-FHIR 

    • US Realm Lab (eDOS/LOI/LRI) 
      • Meeting at WGM on AOEs 
    • Product Grid – no update, is not needed this cycle
      • Possible review at WGM  
      • Co-chair meeting to re-group.
      • Need to still review the status of our standards in the product grid:
        • Status definitions - Riki to follow up to see where those are in the grid - here are the ones given to TSC:
          • active, planned use or in use, future maintenance release
            • stable, in use, generate feedback, not active
            • review, not updated in foreseeable future
            • deprecated - deprecated - no further work planned - if not already using, it is not recommended to be implemented