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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Amy WoottonMatrix Care
Sharon SolomonMorrison
James Allain
Margaret DittloffJunum
Sue Kent
Della DunbarDM&A

Discussion around if the focus for the DAM update:

  • Should we use the Cares Act to guide us?
  • What do we want the domain analysis model to inform?
    • Discharge planning and care coordination, transitions of care are focuses right now
    • Where is information needing to flow and what is that information?
    • As an example: Does it it need to be a referral to an outside dietitian; this could be a good example of where we need to have the data flow?
  • Some history on why the DAM was originally created: DietOrders have existed for a long time in HL7 V2. Got involved in this because it was not represented in the V3 standards. This work was the initial piece down because nothing was done for V2.
  • We should use the DAM as leverage to move the needle forward and be able to comment on ISA, or we want nutrition to move into transitions of care. It's a patient safety issue if we don't share important information. 
  • Intake stuff is an idea for the updates because there is a lot going on around intake (zulip comments, NAR suggestion). We should add that to this because it will advance NutritionIntake quite a bit.
  • We need to align with what will help us advance and get the nutrition standards noticed. 
  • Need to get food allergies included as well
  • NutritionOrder is missing outpatient recommendations per the previous discussion we had with the MCC eCarePlan team
  • DAM updates will include broadening NutritionOrder to work for an outpatient setting (i.e. a nutrition prescrption) and include the usage of documenting intake (to further NutritionIntake resource).
  • Use case scenario from the MCC eCarePlan team can be found here:
    • Since the MCC eCarePlan team has a need to broaden and utilize NutritionOrder, we will try to work with their use cases for updating the DAM use cases

For the 09/16/2020 meeting, please review the use cases from the MCC eCarePlan IG so we can discuss how to utilize their use cases in the update of the Nutrition DAM