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Time: 1 - 2 PM ET





Ralf HerzogRoche
JD NolenChildren's Mercy Hospital
Freida HallQuest Diagnostics
Andrea PitkusUniversity of Wisconsin
Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Craig NewmanAltarum
Dan RutzEpic
Eric HaasHealth eData
Kathy WalshLabCorp
Nancy SpectorAMA
Hans BuitendijkCerner
Rob HausamHausam Consulting
Lorraine ConstableConstable Consulting
Michael WatersFDA
Riki MerrickVernetzt LLC / APHL

Chair: Hans Buitendijk

Scribe: Hans Buitendijk


  • Agenda Review

  • Minutes
    • 2020-08-20 - Motion to accept as distributed.  Kathy Walsh, Becky Gradl
      • Against: 0; Abstain: 0; In Favor: 11
  • eDOS Peer Review
    • Items to vote on by OO
    • STU #2017
      • Motion to keep data type ST.  Kathy Walsh, Andrea Pitkus
        • Clarified that CX_01 or CX_02 require ID type and at least RE on assigning authority, which is too restrictive.
        • Not part of motion: Request Regenstrief to update the description.
        • Not part of motion: Need clarification on strength of value set comments, i.e., could one use plain data types as well.
        • Against: 0; Abstain: 3; In Favor: 13 
  • Pre-WGM Joint Meetings:
  • September WGM Timeslots - OO WGM Agenda - 202009
    • Doodle Prep -
    • Confirmed with FHIR-I for Wednesday Noon-2.
    • Lorraine working on Attendance Log
    • Double check these are in our agenda
    • Joining PC/Vocab – Friday 10 AM ET
      • OO Hosting CDS, CIMI and CQI Monday 12 PM ET
      • OO Hosting CG Tuesday 10 AM ET
      • OO Hosting II Wednesday 10 AM ET
      • Joining FHIR-I Thursday 2 – 4 PM ET for a 15 minute update slot
      • OO Hosting HCD, BR&R Thursday 10 AM ET
    • Message Structure Review
      • Need to have a review between OO, PA, InM.  Hans Buitendijkto reach out.
      • V2+ would have problems with current structures that have "errors"
      • Target to have our internal review done first week September

  • v2 Change Requests
  • Healthcare Product Block Vote Update
    • Device
      • FHIR-28308 - Binding is missing for Device.operationalStatus.value and Device.associationStatus.value valuesets - Ana Kostadinovska

      • FHIR-28197 - Consider an element on Device for brand name - Isaac Vetter
      • FHIR-23704 - Why isn't the Device resources, considering it's patient reference, within the patient compartment? - Isaac Vetter
    • Device/Definition
      • FHIR-26639 - Rationalise values (and DeviceDefinition) - Rik Smithies
      • FHIR-26636 - Differentiation of implantable vs. patient-use and "non-implantable" devices unclear - Floyd Eisenberg
      • FHIR-25400 - Change the type of .version element
      • FHIR-20575 Align UDI-DI and DI issuers across Device and DevideDefinition resources, reuse definitions - Ioana Singureanu
      • FHIR-16947 Drop ItemInstance - 2018-May Core STU #141 - Lloyd McKenzie
      • FHIR-16314 - Keep Device Instance separate from Device Kind - Hans Buitendijk

    •  DeviceUseStatement
      • FHIR-26900 - Incorrect clinical-patient search parameter on DeviceUseStatement. - Eero Kelly

  • Project updates
    • Nutrition
      • Reviewed upcoming work, updating DAM scope, and at instance/kind.
      • Meeting
        • Every other Wednesday 2-3 ET
      • Project page link: Nutrition
    • Specimen DAM
      • Working on sketch for task, transfer, movement, procedure needs.  Likely needs a new resource.
      • Will involve logistics as well at some point.
      •  Meetings:
        • Every Monday 2 - 3 PM ET
      • Project Page Link:
    • FHIR - OO on FHIR
      • Have been on hiatus due to other topics needing publication.
      • Reconvene starting mid-August.
      • Meeting
        • Every Tuesday 2 - 3 PM ET
      • Project page link: FHIR
      • IHE needs to update Volume IV to reflect CMS vocabulary.
      • Also needs to consider alternative use of ORU to clarify how OBX could be used, plus mapping to FT1.
      • CDSM connection is still proprietary, interest to get CDS Hooks/Standards.
      • Change to the name of the LOINC Code. 
    • CIMI/Concept Modeling
      • Co-chair will meet to discuss the future of the group – Lorraine will check what’s up
    • DME
      • Need to sort out Post-Acute Orders vs. DME (as in NIB).
      • Check with Bob Dieterle.  Needed before publication.
      • Project Page Link: DME Project
    • Healthcare Product: Device/DeviceDefinition/UDI
      • UDI IG draft proposal for Aug 31 and then to OO.
      • UDI DAM in ballot
      • BR&R
      • PPE/Inventory August 24
      • Resource Proposal Updates
      • Meeting: Every Monday 3 -4 PM ET
    • V2+ 
      • Still need to look at open tickets and message structure issues.
      • Meetings:
        • Every other Friday, 9-10am ET
      • Project Page Link: V2+
    • V2-to-FHIR

    • US Realm Lab (eDOS/LOI/LRI) 
      • See AOE PSS discussion above
        • PSS was approved for January ballot.
      • HHS ELR Guidance document "locked in" 
      • LOI has STU comments and maybe (unclear) updates from HHS/CDC
    • Product Grid – no update, is not needed this cycle
      • Co-chair meeting to re-group.
      • Need to still review the status of our standards in the product grid:
        • Status definitions - Riki to follow up to see where those are in the grid - here are the ones given to TSC:
          • active, planned use or in use, future maintenance release
            • stable, in use, generate feedback, not active
            • review, not updated in foreseeable future
            • deprecated - deprecated - no further work planned - if not already using, it is not recommended to be implemented