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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Della DunbarDM&A
James Allain
Margaret DittloffJunum
Sue Kent
Leila Sahldana

ASPEN Informatics Committee

  • Margaret was appointed to the ASPEN informatics committee
  • In this group, they have been working on a white paper for how nutrition administration should be recorded; this was work they did last year so Margaret wasn't actually involved in the paper, but they are wrapping up the finalization of the paper
  • Margaret referred them to us related to our work on NutritionIntake and NutritionProduct FHIR resources
  • This white paper is recommending a NAR (nutrition administration record) rather than a MAR
  • There could be opportunities for us to collaborate and work together for a common goal/interest

Upcoming work on our Nutrition calls

Nutrition Resources

  • We need to get the resources past draft status
  • Ensure resources are listed on the category list and alphabetical list (they are on the maturity level list)
  • Examples for NutritionProduct (currently has none)
  • More Examples for NutritionIntake
  • Instance vs Kind: have a clear way to define this for NutritionProduct 


  • Additional use cases
  • Update glossary and other text
  • Look at the conformance criteria in ENCPRS to add to DAM and use cases
  • Update/create information models
  • Update/create activity diagrams
  • Original plan was to aim for a January 2021 ballot; this is not a hard and fast deadline if it seems too tight