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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Becky CostelloODS
Amy WootonMatrix Care
James Allain
Jim BrewerVA
Jose Teixeira
Margaret DittloffJunum
Sandy Pagan
Sue Kent

Discussion around NutritionOrder

  • The Multiple Chronic Condition (MCC) dynamic eCare Plan project is interested in using the NutritionOrder resource in an outpatient setting, however NutritionOrder was created for an inpatient setting only to place diet orders.
    • The project team would like to discuss with the nutrition group the following items as they relate to NutritionOrder:
      • Limit sodium in diet
      • Moderate protein in diet
      • Limit fats in diet
      • Limit cholesterol in diet
      • Limit phosphorus in diet
      • Limit potassium in diet
    • The MCC project team will be joining the nutrition call on July 8 to discuss this
  • One of the challenges with using NutritionOrder as it currently exists for outpatient is that an oralDiet is set up to have only 1 because this is the constraint for an outpatient setting
  • There might be a gforge tracker items from ENCPRS FP Sept 2018 ballot as a comment was made against this nutrition artifact that really related to NutritionOrder.  Jean Duteau might have created a tracker item for this and it might show what should be changed
  • Based on the group discussion, NutritionOrder with some minor modifications may be able to be used for an outpatient setting

Instance vs kind discussion

  • typically we would be using kind when talking about food products
  • if we need to know the lot number related to a specific product, we would be talking about instance
  • There is a section called instance in the NutritionProduct resource to capture this information

Discussion around the use of ratio

  • NutritionProduct has amount fields under nutrient and ingredient as ratios; on the 06/10/2020 call, we were concerned this was not modeled correctly for nutrition's needs. 
  • Jose shared the following example as to how data could be entered so we could see that ratio would work:

    {"item": "fat",
         {"numerator": {"quantity":"21", "unit: "g"}, "denominator":{"quantity":"1", "unit: "serving"}},
         {"numerator": {"quantity":"46", "unit: "g"}, "denominator":{"quantity":"100", "unit: "g"}},
         {"numerator": "860"}
    "item": "sodium",

Next meeting is July 8, 2020 at 6 PM GMT / 2 PM ET / 1 PM CT / 12 PM MT / 11 AM PT. The MCC project team will join to discuss NutritionOrder