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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
James Allain
Leslye RauthIHS
Jim BrewerVA
Sandy Pagan
Sharon SolomonMorrison Living

Becky created a spreadsheet that can be used to start populating examples for Nutrition Product

  • Used peanut butter as the example for the first example, using as realistic data as possible so the examples make sense
  • discovered some issues with the resource during the walk-through (also documented these in the spreadsheet):
    • For the code, we were originally thinking this would be a GS1/GTIN code, however we realize in creating an example we are missing the actual name of the product, such as "peanut butter" or "JIF peanut butter"; should name go here or do we add another data element?
    • The amount field under both ingredient and nutrient are ratios, however amounts would be expressed in units such as mg or mcg, so ratio doesn't make sense
  • Discussed showing kind vs instance
    • this might not make sense in the context of food