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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
James Allain
Sue Kent
Sandy Pagan
Ben Atkinson
Amy WoottonMatrixCare
Della DunbarDM&A


  • The PSS was approved by the OO WG for updating the Nutrition DAM and eventually publishing a nutrition IG. Will need to get Patient Care WG approval
  • The resource proposals for NutritionIntake and NutritionProduct were approved by the OO WG pending some changes. Next will need to be approved by FMG so they can become official resources
    • NutritionIntake will focus on only the use case for the actual consumption
    • Work on the nutrition DAM will help determine if another resource needs to be created to capture the purchasing, ordering, procurement of the food or if NutritionIntake can be modified for this
  • Questions from OO WG on instance vs kind in NutritionProduct
    • An instance might be using a bar code to scan in the product
    • A kind might be typing in the product information
    • The resource should be able to handle both, but need to investigate this further by working on the examples and mapping through the data elements


  • code
    • The description states "Type of nutrition intake setting/reporting" but this does not make sense with the example value set
    • Discussion around if this should be location
      • If someone was in an inpatient unit and then went home, you might want to know what they consumed at home vs in acute care
      • Should this be a reference to location?
      • in long term care it is important to know if consumption was in dining room vs in their room
      • Location is at the bottom if the resource so this does not need to be change to be that
    • Can use this field to indicate "computer generated information" vs manually entered; connected or integrated
    • maybe digital vs analog
    • This field was inherited when the resource was modeled after the event pattern


Next meeting will be June 10, 2020. We will start walking through the data elements to prepare examples for the NutritionProduct resource