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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Becky CostelloODS
Della DunbarDM&A
Sue Kent
Margaret DittloffJunum
Amy WoottonMatrix Care
Ben Atkinson
  • NutritionIntake: reviewed the example value sets
    • Agree to keep the value sets as examples until we get through some implementations and see if we need to have recommended or required value sets
      • The example value sets should be good examples though of the expected information
    • reason
      • notConsumed (already in the resource) is more appropriate to understand why something was not consumed vs why something was consumed
      • Is reason inherited from the event pattern and can it be removed?
    • Nutrient (under ingredientLabel)
      • Nutrient modifier codes as an example value set make sense
    • notConsumedReason
      • In the not-consumed-reason value set
        • add in 248135001 (aversion to food or drink) and 422587007 (nausea) into the example value set
        • remove 386617003 (Digestive system finding)
    • NutritionProduct example looks good
    • type (under consumedItem)
      • Discussion that this should be a high level field to indicate the item that was consumed and could be used for querying
      • The element should be changed from type CodeableConcept to code 
      • Food, fluid, enteral, infant-feeding would be the code values
        • Discussion around how should breastmilk be considered here and infant formula; decided on using "infant-feeding" so that if this is used for querying purposes, these have a way to stand out