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Value Set Discussion with NutritionProduct and NutritionIntake


  • Category
    • As currently defined, "organic" fits in there under this
    • School lunch category could be put here
      • this could be processed food and there is a concept called child nutrition label that would have different categories
    • There may not be a defined list so we can create a list as an example
    • Is there a traits list or something on GS1 list that they have defined as lists
    • Is there anything we can grab from langual or FDA labeling
    • There is an encounter-diet value set that already exists:
    • Category is what we previously called classification
    • UNII is another type of category
    • A good way to think about this how you might look something up, such as a HCPCS
    • After further discussion on this element and the other elements, this can be more broad and contain such elements as supplement, enteral, beverage, or food could be possible options for this
    • Possibly could use this as the example value set:, however it is only food related and not in line with the above broader categories
  • Code
    • We had previously called this product code with the thought GS1 codes, HCPCS codes, langual codes, or USDA codes could be used here to identify outside sources that could be queried for additional information about the product
    • If point to the USDA, each country has their own possible codes, so use example value sets here
  • productCharacteristic
    • This was added recently to capture physical characteristics (frozen, shelf stable), IDDSI characteristics (regular, easy to chew, pureed, extremely thick, moderately thick, etc.), allergens, menu planning characteristics (food pyramid, diabetic exchanges, child nutrition labels could fall here too)
    • Some of the thought process for category, such as Halal, kosher, vegan, gluten free, etc may fit better here as a characteristic
    • Can we provide multiple examples or does this have to be only one example value set? Here is an example that does that has multiple examples:


  • statusReason: the example is drug therapy which does not make sense here; need to define status reasons
  • Discussion on if type (under consumedItem) makes sense since category in NutritionProduct may contain this information; however if NutritionProduct is not included, then type should be used

Will continue the discussion around the value sets for these two resources on the next call in two weeks