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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Della DunbarDM&A
Jean Duteau
Sue Kent
Becky CostelloODS
Ben Atkinson
James Allain
Leslye RauthIHS
  • Jean Duteau walked us through the changes he made to NutritionIntake and NutritionProduct
  • NutritionIntake is the event
  • NutritionOrder is the request
  • Jean made sure the intake resource was in line with the event pattern
    • he added a few things, such as instantiates which instantiates a protocol (such as guidelines)
    • status were changed to be in line with event statuses; we may need to review these statuses to make sure they make sense
    • effective was changed to occurrence
    • location is where the intake occurred
    • and actors which is who was involved
    • two things he didn't add: research study (associated research study; it isn't in medication administration) and derivedFrom (supporting information from why the intake occurred)
      • Research Study will be added in
    • We still have value sets we need to define (about 4 of them in NutritionIntake)
      • nutritionProduct, notConsumedReason, type (of product), nutrient
      • nutritionProduct and nutrient could use the USDA database
  • NutritionProduct
    • productCharacteristic was added to capture things like ISDDI characteristics, menu planning attributes, physical characteristics
    • knownAllergen was added
      • Does it matter between "may contain" and "does contain"? 
        • Most error on the safe side and code as if it contains the allergen if the label says "may contain"
    • will need value sets for all the CodeableConcepts
  • Next steps: determining value sets; it is preferred to have existing value sets