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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Leslye RauthIHS
Sue Kent
James Allain
Margaret DittloffJunum
Bob ThompsonCigna
Amy WoottonMatrixCare
  • Updated the group on the discussion with the Pharmacy WG on the use of the mediation resource for vitamins/minerals/herbals
    • Becky G. and Becky C. attended the Pharmacy WG meeting on 3/2 to revisit if the mediation resource would have the necessary details dietitians need related to vitamins/minerals/herbals
    • The Pharmacy WG walked through examples of how the ingredient backbone element can be used to capture more detailed information
    • It was also suggested that if a code (UPC code, langual code, etc.) is available an external database could be used to gather the detailed information about the vitamins/minerals/herbals (this would also apply to the NutritionProduct resource related to using codes and external databases)
    • The boundary was left that the medication resource will be used for vitamins/minerals/herbals
    • Nutrition product will be used nutrition supplements, such as Ensure or Boost
  • NutritionProduct Narratives and discussion
    • Started brainstorming on the text to add to the "Scope and Usage" and "Boundaries and Relationships" narrative sections
    • Scope and Usage:
      • The NutritionProduct resource represents the identification of a food or fluid product consumed by patients. The scope of the NutritionProduct resource includes all the products that are understood to be food and beverage products for human consumption.
      • Provide level of detail that we are intending to gather with the resource: food item, recipe, etc. and to be able to link out to databases that can provide more of the details of the nutrients/ingredients
      • Allergies, texture, characteristics
      • NutritionProduct can link to the I/O’s and a consumer-based app for recording intake of specific food products. Can link to the administration details of the I/O’s.
      • Used to capture serving size of the product. Unit in measure for the serving size. Essentially the details on the food label.
      • Enteral formulas are part of NutritionProducts
    • Boundaries and Relationships:
      • Parenteral Nutrition is captured under the medication resource
      • Vitamins/Minerals/herbals are captured under the medication resource
  • Changes needed to NutritionProduct 
    • the resource needs a field to capture allergens
    • the resource needs a field to capture texture
    • The resource may need a field to capture menu planning attributes, such as diabetic exchange information, food pyramid classification, etc.
  • Margaret suggested reviewing the catalog of all available products put together by Lorraine Constable 
    • Becky will reach out to Lorraine to get more information on this