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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Becky CostelloODS
Jim BrewerVA
Della DunbarDM&A
James Allain
  • Review of NutritionIntake resource proposal 
    • Made small changes to the documentation as this was mostly reviewed and completed last week
    • The NutritionIntake resource as it is currently modeled is here for review:
  • Review of NutritionProduct resource proposal 
    • The group reviewed and made suggestions on some small changes
    • The documentation was kept brief and simple
    • The NutritionProduct resource as it is currently modeled is here for review:
  • Becky will work with consultants to get the resource proposals submitted in the correct place and moved through the HL7 process
  • Becky will revisit the supplement (vitamins, minerals, herbals, caffeine) conversation with pharmacy to determine how nutrition can get the necessary information they need (i.e. nutrients and amounts) if the supplements are recorded with medication resources
  • NutritionProduct review/discussion
    • Allergen is missing (i.e. wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, etc.)
    • Use food allergy value set that was previously defined for this resource
    • There is a backbone element named intake, however intake would be recorded on the NutritionIntake resource. This should be renamed to reflect the source of the product (i.e. did the come from hospital food service, a patient's family member's home, grocery store, etc.)