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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Amy WoottonMatrix Care
James Allain
Leslye RauthIHS
Becky CostelloODS
Mary GeorgeComputrition
Jim BrewerVA
Sue Kent

  • The group reviewed the sections documented to date in the resource proposal for Nutrition Intake and made some updates (see attached)
    • Becky G. to complete and review with the group on the next call
    • Becky G. to use the information in the Nutrition Intake resource proposal to create the Nutrition Product resource proposal to review on the next call
  • Jose created the Nutrition Product resource and put it in the build. It can be viewed here:
    • On upcoming calls, the group will review this resource and provide feedback
    • The group will need to create the narratives for the resource
      • Scope and usage
      • Boundaries and Relationships
    • The group will also need to create examples for the resource

  • For the meeting in 2 weeks:
    • Please review the Nutrition Intake resource proposal and the Nutrition Product resource
      • provide feedback on either the next call
      • use the box at the bottom of the minutes to add any comments