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Becky GradlAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Sue Kent
Leslye Rauth
Mary GeorgeComputrition
Jim BrewerVA
  • Recapped the previous work done on the nutrition call from last spring and fall, including
    • Creation of the NutritionIntake resource, which can be found here:
      • The NutritionIntake resource will be included in FHIR release 5 (assuming it is approved by the Technical Steering Committee), but is available in build for testing
    • Creating of the NutritionProduct resource
      • This resource was modeled by Jose in the build on his machine, but not made available publicly yet
      • Becky will follow up with Jose to find out if he will be able to push the resource to the build.
      • From last fall, Jose was going to create a spreadsheet to test out the NutritionProduct resource with various use cases/scenarios; Becky will follow up on this as well
      • The most up-to-date NutritionProduct data elements can be found in the minutes from 11/15/2019
    • To mature the resources:
      • we need to create resource proposals to be submitted to the technical steering group for approval
      • test the resources through connectathons or other implementations
      • provide comments on the resources
  • Previous minutes from the calls can be found here to review work done to date, including any pertinent links
  • Discussed up coming tasks for the call:
    • Work on the resource proposals for NutritionIntake and NutritionProduct
    • Document any use cases/scenarios for NutritionProduct based on Jose's spreadsheet
    • Revisit NutritionOrder to see if/how it can be modified to work outside of an inpatient setting
    • Any other questions, issues, comments, etc. brought to the nutrition group
  • The next call will be on Wednesday, January 22 at 2 PM ET / 1 PM CT / Noon MT / 11 AM PT