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February 5, 2019


Discussion items

DocRef v Media v Observation.valueAttachment:

Continuation from Tue Q4 in San Antonio Jan WGM:

Option 1: Dissolve Media into DocRef and Attachment DT and add Attachment as valueAttachment. Elliot, Jonathan

Option 2:  Keep Media and DocRef, and add Attachment as valueAttachment to Obsv.  Revert Media to DSTU 2/3-ish (less eventish).  Eric Haas, David Burgess

Option 3:  Keep as-is and clarify how to query and get data expressed either in Obsv or DxRpt. JD Nolen, Dan Rutz, Grahame Grieve

#### Discussion of Option 1 by Elliot Silver



- Several Trackers made to DocRef

- Use attachment for size height etc. ( need to discuss with MNM )

- Reviewed elements to be added merged into DR --> type, modality, bodysite, view, note v description, device name and device
- `modality`, `bodysite`, `view` - question wether are part of `context` or should be separate elements
_ Eric to add to GF#20349 suggesting adding `note`

**When to use Observation.valueAttachment:**


Discussion whether DICOM standard is more appropriate for AP imaging
- per JS low uptake so far...hence concern about removing media

**Next Time**

- JD flush out use cases
- Review Comments on Eric's slides from Elliot
- Get Feedback from Grahame and/or Dan Rutz re keeping Media

** Future Next Steps **

OO/II to land on Option and bring proposal to appropriate WG, ( SD, MNM, etc)