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Known Implementation Projects

Please enter your project if you are contributing to and/or using the mappings as they are being defined.


  • Data Type Mapping
    • Initially target creating worksheets/templates to assist Segment/Field mapping.
    • Do so as we go, i.e., work on a segment and populate the data type mappings as we run into them.
    • Create flavors as needed.
  • Segment/Field Mapping
    • Target this as balloted content.
    • Create flavors as needed based on use in various messages.
    • Segments in priority order for now: MSH, PID, PD1, NK1(RelatePerson/, ROL/PRT, (IN1), PV1, PV2, ORC, OBR, OBX, RXO?, RXE?, RDS?, RXA, RXR, SPM, NTE
  • Messages

Mapping topics to discuss

  • The use of the Provenance resource when "entering" information is part of the segment (e.g. ORC-10)
  • How to best populate and what are the implications for future FHIR queries/searches
    • Technically this doesn't seem to be required, but it seems pretty foundational
    • If we do decide to populate this, how do it for resources that are the central focus of the v2 message (eg. what is for the administering provider of an immunization?)



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