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Wed Q1 9:00AM ET - Joint with Vocab and FHIR-I (Vocab hosting)

Wed Q2 11:00AM ET - Joint with Vocab and FHIR-I (Vocab hosting)

Wed Q3 1:45PM ET - Joint with FHIR-I


Discussion of future of MnM:

  • AMS is retiring and no co-chair was elected to take his place
  • Merge MnM into FHIR as a FHIR Methodology and Datatypes project
  • What to do with the V3 Modeling and Methodology responsibility?
    • transfer to InM or TSC?

Tracker Items:

  • FHIR-25377 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Reject Request: Grahame/Lisa: 10-0-0

Merger with FHIR:

  • Motion to merge MnM with FHIR: Grahame/Ron: 9-0-1
  • Jean Duteau will complete Work Group Change Template and submit to FHIR-I to approve and then to the TSC
  • Propose changes to FHIR-I Mission and Charter

Next Conference Call Series:

  • Maintain bi-weekly rhythm
  • Start Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 3:00PM ET