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Tue 12:30 PM PT - Joint w/CIMI (CIMI hosting)


Discussion about consistency in FHIR

  • (Stan) CIMI didn't get logical models out to designers until after FHIR resources and profiles had already been developed, leading to inconsistencies across the different work groups.
  • Claude put in a lot of work to work with work groups to identify and correct inconsistencies.
  • CIMI has an invitation only group that is creating a logical model that would have value to people who are working with models in HL7.
  • Vital Signs IG, Skin and Wound Assessment IG, and COVID Data Elements IG are all working with CIMI to ensure consistency.
  • CIMI is now asking what they can do to help create greater consistency amongst IGs that are being created?
  • Designers have found it difficult to re-use profiles that have been created for IGs due to constraints imposed that conflict with their use cases.
  • CIMI is asking MnM what they can do to provide value to HL7?
  • (Jean) MnM has authored a guidance document for IG designers that lists things to consider when creating an IG. Perhaps other work groups can also help with this guidance, MnM might not be the right place.  See Guide to Designing Resources
  • (AMS) US Core has created a set of profiles that others are encouraged to use–this may be a good start to create a universally applicable process.
  • (Roel) In the Netherlands, we are developing HEIMs to provide guidance across IGs.
  • (Stan) I will reach out and learn more about the approach being taken in the Netherlands.

Tue 5:00 PM PT - Joint w/Vocab and FHIR-I (Vocab hosting)

Wed 5:00 PM PT - Joint w/Vocab and FHIR-I (Vocab hosting)