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Thu Q1 Joint w/Vocab & FHIR-I

Thu Q2 Joint w/Vocab

Thu Q3 FHIR Data Type & Methodology issues - Joint w/FHIR-I



  • Review Published Standards
  • Abstract Types
  • Zulip stream action items

Review Published Standards

Abstract Types

  • see Zulip stream
    • see CanonicalResource and MetadataReource (making transparent what was already being used in FHIR resource generation, but not published with the spec)
    • Grahame shared this so that all MnM co-chairs are aware of it

Zulip stream action items

  • Looking at achieving a consistency of meaning and comprehensibility of the timing choices – see Zulip stream
    • propose that MnM create a recommended set of choice datatypes to be used when a data element is a "timing" element
    • committees will need to seek approval of MnM when they deviate from this recommended set
    • Grahame will enhance the tooling to detect this non-compliance
    • Grahame Grieve/AbdulMalik Shakir: 5-0-0
  • How do we represent choices in the graphical view and UML view – see Zulip stream
  • Exploring the hierarchy in the Participation type resources – see Zulip stream
    • see Patterns (an analysis of all current references to other resources in the FHIR spec and an attempt to group them into patterns)
  • Selecting resource targets intentionally instead of extensionally – see Zulip stream

Action Items

  • Jean Duteau will create Jira tickets for the methodology Zulip stream action items above
  • Grahame Grieve will create recommended set of choice datatypes and present to MnM
  • Ron Shapiro will create next sequence of conference calls beginning Feb 18th

Thu Q5 Harmonization/Facilitator's Roundtable