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  • Approve Previous Minutes
  • UTG Issue Review
  • FHIR 80% Rule Presentation
  • RelatedArtifact datatype issue (FHIR-32973)


Approve Previous Minutes

  • Minutes to Prior Meeting on 2021-07-21 approved by General Consent.

UTG Issue Review

  • No issues to review

FHIR 80% Rule Presentation

  • There is misunderstanding of what exactly the 80% heuristic means in designing FHIR resources.
  • We need to write down all of the misconceptions and provide answers to those misconceptions.  Some of the misconceptions are about the datatype of elements.
  • Statement of the rule:  "there is evidence that 80% of the potential implementations that support the scope of your resource have the capability to handle the element you want to add"
  • You may find out as you get wider implementations of your resource that an element in the 80% actually isn't.
  • The idea behind the rule is to be cautious about what goes in the core specification.  If you are unsure, create a core extension and move it into core in the future.
  • Action: Lloyd will create an initial presentation and distribute it on the MnM list.
    Action: MnM members will review presentation and provide feedback.

RelatedArtifact Datatype Issue (FHIR-32973)

  • Discussion was had and the ticket was resolved  FHIR-32973 - Getting issue details... STATUS