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  • Approve Previous Minutes
  • Discussion of V3 Reaffirmation/Withdrawal Recommendation


Approve Previous Minutes

  • Approve Previous Minutes from 2020-11-03: Lloyd McKenzie/Austin Kreisler: 6-0-2

Discussion of V3 Reaffirmation/Withdrawal Recommendation

  • RIM Version 7 needs Affirmation
    • HL7 Version 3 Standard: Reference Information Model, Release 7
    • Current ANSI Approval, 2016-07-28; Expiration Date: 2021-07-28
    • Move to pursue reaffirmation: AbdulMalik Shakir/Lloyd McKenzie: 7-0-0
    • To make any changes, we would need to make a fork from a long time ago
    • If we do discover that there are need for changes, we would need to start a new version
      • Jean Duteau and AbdulMalik Shakirwill review vocabularies in RIM Version 7 to see if any changes need to be made and if we need to start a new version
  • V3 Content
    • MnM makes a recommendation to the TSC that the following policy be circulated to the HL7 workgroups:
      • HL7 workgroups should have a serious reason for reaffirming their V3 content. If no serious reason exists, then the workgroup should strongly consider retiring (withdrawing) their V3 content by the next expiration date.
      • Serious Reason Questions to Consider:
        • Does the committee intend to keep maintaining this content? or
        • Does the implementation community require this content to maintain its ANSI certification status?
    • Motion to approve the above recommendation: AbdulMalik Shakir/Lloyd McKenzie: 7-0-1
  • V3 CMETs
    • Motion to withdraw and retire the V3 CMETs: AbdulMalik Shakir/Lorraine Constable: 7-0-1


  • 5:50 PM ET