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Characteristics of Realm Transferable Standards v0.05

  • Ron Parker gave a verbal explanation of the purposes of the Realm Transferable Standards Specification (RTSS).
  • Discussion about the need/applicability of the RTSS.
    • Lloyd points out that there are 3 types of specifications:
      • 1) Truly international specifications created with participation from many countries.
      • 2) International specifications created primarily by participants from one county, perhaps with some participation from other countries.
      • 3) Country specific specifications created with no thought, concern or input from other countries (e.g. US Realm Da Vinci IGs).
    • Lloyd points out that FHIR has interest, products and test server "hits" from all over the world.  FHIR already accommodates and encourages international participation. When something does not meet the "80% rule" an extension is encouraged.
    • Lloyd points out the developers that come to the FHIR Connectathon events from a wide variety of paths.  Some developers are learning FHIR and will implement it as is.  Some developers come to push the limits of the specification and identify what other changes need to be made.
  • Discussion about what should be documented if a specification IS intended to be used internationally.  Some specifications start out with a specific purpose or realm and can be evaluated after the fact for international applicability if there are no realm-specific constraints included.  In order to be universally applicable, though, those specifications would need review and/or input from multiple countries.
  • Discussion about difference between UV (Universal Version) and Realm Transferable.  The UV term has been used at HL7 for many years.  FHIR was created as a UV specification from the start.  Sometimes UV is referred to as "International".


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