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Every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 5:00 PM ET

Web Meeting Link:


  • Approve Previous Minutes
  • Tracker Items
    • Review issues that have resolutions but need a vote (FHIR-20625, FHIR-22642)
    • Review issues that are awaiting change to be applied
    • Review open JIRA issues
    • Discuss intentional references (FHIR-26025)


Approve Previous Minutes

  • Motion to approve Minutes to Prior Meeting on 01/14: Lloyd/Ron: 2-0-0
  • Motion to approve Minutes from February WGM: Lloyd/Ron: 2-0-0

Tracker Items

  • FHIR-20625 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Not Persuasive: Lloyd/Ron: 3-0-0
    • also added  FHIR-26320 - Getting issue details... STATUS  to address Specimen
  • FHIR-22642 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Jean Duteau will reach out again and talk to Catherine Hosage Norman (we are hesitant to close this as 'Not Persuasive' without getting more information about the ramifications that this causes)
  • Review issues that are awaiting change to be applied
    • there are 43 items that have been approved and are waiting to be applied
    • any MnM co-chair can pick-up the un-applied changes and apply them to the latest build
    • Jean Duteau will pick a few to work on
  • FHIR-25515 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • we will go out the implementer community and solicit feedback on whether this change would be acceptable or not
  • FHIR-26025 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • discussion about whether References are configured implicitly, by matching on a defined set of meta-data, or explicitly setting up the specific targets
    • argument is that when a future resource is created that matches, an implicit configuration would not require the normative resource to be changed 
      • Jean Duteauwill come up with a list of example sets of Reference targets to propose to the committers and solicit feedback from them


  • 5:56 PM ET