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The Modeling and Methodology Work Group (MnM) is responsible for:

    • creating and maintaining the HL7 Development Methodology and facilitating its use;

    • maintaining a Reference Model and Data Types Model that govern the shared models that are developed and used by the HL7 Work Groups creating designs in model-based standards development;

    • managing and approving modeling patterns and reusable modeling constructs for HL7 designs; and

    • developing and enforcing good modeling practices.


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Reoccurring every 2 weeks on Tuesday at 5:00 PM EST

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Position: President
Department: Hi3 Solutions
Location: Los Angeles

Term ends Dec 2020

Term ends Dec 2020



Position: President
Department: Hi3 Solutions
Location: Los Angeles

Incomplete Tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Jean Duteau will inquire about moving Fri Q5 Facilitators Roundtable in Sydney to Thu Q5
Jean DuteauMnM Minutes CC 20200114
Grahame GrieveMnM Minutes CC 20200114
  • Grahamewill send out an email to MnM and Vocab co-chairs
Grahame GrieveMnM Minutes CC 20191029
Grahame GrieveMnM Minutes CC 20190903
Jean DuteauMnM Minutes CC 20190820
  • Grahame Grieveidentify what ballot status to list the new elements on the Attachment data type (see GF #23568 )
Grahame GrieveMnM Minutes CC 20190820
  • Jean DuteauSD approval for the Abstract Data Types R3 PSS
Jean DuteauMnM Minutes WGM 201905 Montreal

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