Agenda Items

  • Review of    minutes
  • Project Updates
  • New Business

Discussion items

5 minIntroductionsAll

New attendee Jia Ng

 5 minReview of Minutes Matt Graham

Motion to Approved   minutes -  Paul Petronelli    2nd John Ritter  -  vote 6-0-0

30 minProject UpdatesCo-Chairs

cMHAFF Project

  • Submitted for TSC Review
  • Need to review and clear Jira
  • JIRA Review misclassified other-2167
  • Will need to updated Triage status 

Mobile Health App Data Exchange Project (mHealth-ADE)

School Health Innovation Framework leveraging Technology (SHIFT) Project

  • Consider delete project, but may continue work
  • Discuss with HHS Work Group looking at more targeted projects

Unique Mobile Health Application Identifier (UMHAI) Project

  • We met this past week
  • Reviewed updates to Project pages (Confluence)

20 minNew BusinessAll

Usability Function Profile - EHR WG John Ritter 

Work Group Health 

3 year plan next meeting

Adjourned: 11:26 am EST

Action items