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Agenda Items

  • Review of   minutes
  • Project Updates
  • New Business

Discussion items

5 minIntroductionsAll

 5 minReview of Minutes Matt Graham

Motion to Approved minutes -  Gora Datta   2nd Paul Petronelli -  vote 3-0-0

40 minProject Updates

School Health Innovation Framework leveraging Technology (SHIFT) Project:

  • Pending Approval from TSC
  • Making progress posted updated to word document to confluence.
  • Have developed use cases templates
    • Multiple levels of maturity level use case for Nutrition (Section 7.2)
    • Develop a domain model for particpation
  • ONC has some projects that may have shared interest
  • Gravity Project  -Core Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) Data for Interoperability
    •  Food, Housing, Security and transportation
    • Gravity Technical Workstream
    • Consider use of Gravity Project outcomes to facilitate SHIFT implementation
    • Possible alliances with Community Based Health and Public Health
    • Could coordinate a call with Gravity Project with MH Christina Caraballo

Mobile Health App Data Exchange Project (mHealth-ADE):

  • First Meeting October 25, 2 pp EST  - about 20+ accepted meeting invite
  • PCHA and HCD have been working on device connectivity
  • Continua is moving into IHE, consider more collaboration with MH WG

cMHAFF Project:

  • Update
10 minNew BusinessAll

Adjourned: 10:58 EST

Action items