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    • Review minutes from October 12
    • Provide Project Updates
    • Address New Business items

Discussion items

5 minutesReview MinutesMatt
  • Moved to approve minutes Gora Datta 2nd Paul Petronelli vote: 3 - 0 - 0
 30 minutes Project Updates Hans
  •  cMHAFF Project
    • Walked Igor through Weighting and Scoring of Conformance questions.
    • PSS is being reviewed by TSC this week to become official project

  • Reviewed Dental Interoperability Project
  • Discussed School Health Interchangeability projects
    • FERPA - School health privacy regulations
    • HIPPA and FERPA often conflict
    • Medication and Dietary Concerns
  • Clinician of FHIR
    • Provides a high overview of FHIR
    • ConMan - Confluance Manager
15 minutesNew Business
  • Confluence - How to request access:
  • Interoperability Lab - Chris Doss
    • Looking for good Mobile Health Application
    • Looking into Wearable Devices
    • Looking into Remote Health monitoring opportunities
    • Would like students to engage in cMHAFF meetings
    • Looking to partner with Clinicians on projects
  • Mobile Devices (Starkey) has hearing aids with additional features, fall detection, other metrics.
  • Adjournded 11:52 am

Action items