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Date: Tuesday Sept 22, 2020


This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Intro                                                   5 min

Discussion items

Patient Centered CareTeam DAM    20 min

Review of the Patient Centered Care Team Ballot Submission. Document will be posted soon (available for review). 

Patient Centered Care team

  • Number of scenarios which lead the requirements gathering
  • Focus is on the core aspects
  • Model will evolve with future updates
  • Everything in the CareTeam Conceptual Model diagram (Figure 1) is in scope except for privilege
  • Review of the CareTeam Conceptual Model Diagram
  • Includes a number of change request since FHIR R4 was published. Have been working on alignment with FHIR, working with PCWG. 
  • Overview of the DAM
  • Model files may be useful to have for relationship to other models. 
  • Show Stoppers - we did an exercise to align with FHIR. Addressed by working with PC and the FHIR team. Analysis was done against the latest build at the time. 
  • Alignment with FHIR - health professional roles and if members of the care team are lay people and caregivers
  • Cross walks between this DAM and the Care Plan DAM - have a notion of care plan but out of scope for this work. Also alignment with security. With plans for working with Patient Admin as well. 
  • Suggestion to align with the work being done by OO with the nutrition care process work. 
  • Question for HL7 is whether there should be consistency across DAMs. There need to be discussions somewhere, some place on how to do this. 
  • Care Team DAM Calls are 4pm EST on Tuesdays. 

All Things Care Plan                         20 min

Presented by Stephen Chu

This presentation contains number of the below listed components. 


(Lisa) How were the SDoH categorized

MCC eCare Plan Project                         20 min

Presented by Gay Dolin

Project timeline

Implementation Guide is in process of being built. 

More information on the Patient Care Project site  - MCC eCarePlan Project site


Do you think Care Plan should be added into the USCDI Clinical Notes data class, or do you think we should request a different Data Class in USCDI for Care Plan?

  • Goal should be a data element in a data class
  • Assessment and Plan as a data class - USCDI are receiving comments

PACIO Project

Presented by Dave Hill


  • Functional and Cognitive status
  • completed 4 Connecthathon
  • New areas - Advance Directive, Covid

Gravity Project

Presented by Bob Dieterle


CareTeam participant.status       15 min

Action items

Parking Lot

  • Suggestion that PCWG should comment on USCDI  - need to arrange time to discuss and collaborate on providing feedback on USCDI - need to work on this as soon as possible. 
  • Pharmacy eCarePlan is also trying to figure out what other fields should be included. Suggestion to add Payer Type to USCDI