This is the home page for the Learning Health Systems Work Group. In this environment, attendance logs, meeting agendas and notes, and other work group functions are enabled to assist the work group participants in developing standards as well as necessary housekeeping functions for standards development organizations. Use JIRA to document issues, change requests, questions, and comments for documentation and resolution.


Intended focus is to develop a DAM for Learning Health Systems as related to the adaptive systems described in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) reports. This includes the development of abilities in such Learning Health Systems to make use of real time data and analytics and making such information available to everyone, including patients. Standards requirements analysis by the LHS WG using this DAM will inform updates and development of HL7 standards to enable a learning health system.

About us - Co-Chairs

Russell Leftwich - InterSystems Corporation, Russell.leftwich@InterSystems.com 

Bruce Bray - University of Utah, Bruce.Bray@hsc.utah.edu

Maria Michaels - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), maria.michaels@cdc.gov 

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