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TuesdaySept 22


4:00 - 6:00 PM EST

Care Plan Report out

Care Team DAM


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  1. Intro                                                   5 min
  2. Pat Centered CareTeam DAM    20 min
  3. Care Plan DAM 2.0                         20 min
  4. eCare Plan Project                         20 min
  5. CareTeam participant.status       15 min

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Attending WGM

Sun Q0

Sun Q1

Sun Q2

Sun Q3

Sun Q4

Sun Q5

Mon Q0

Mon Q1

Mon Q2

Mon Q3

Mon Q4

Mon Q5

Tues Q0

Tues Q1

Tues Q2

Tues Q3

Tues Q4

Tues Q5

Wed Q0

Wed Q1

Wed Q2

Wed Q3

Wed Q4

Wed Q5

Thurs Q0

Thurs Q1

Thurs Q2

Thurs Q3

Thurs Q4

Thurs Q5

Fri Q0

Fri Q1

Fri Q2

Fri Q3

Fri Q4

Abigail Watson Symptomatic X X
Amit Popat Epic X
Bruce Bray University Utah Health X
Catherine Hoang Department of Veteran Affairs X
Chris Amorosa New York-Presbyterian Hospital X
Chris Melo Philips X X
Dave Carlson VHA X
Dave deBronkart Patient Empowerment WG X
Didi Davis The Sequoia Project X X
Emma Jones Allscripts X
Gay Dolin X X
Jay Lyle VA X
Joe Bormel Cognitive X
Joel Francis Canada Health Infoway X
John Keyes Patient Empowerment WG X
Katiya Shell EMI/MCC eCare Plan X
Lindsey Hoggle X
Lorraine Constable Constable Consulting Inc X
Maria D Moen Patient Empowerment WG X
Michelle Miller Cerner X
Nancy Lush Lush Group/Patient Centric Solutions/Patient Empowerment WG X X
Rachel Richesson University of Michigan X
Russ Leftwich InterSystems X
Shelly Spiro Pharmacy HIT Collaborative X
Stephen Chu Patient Care X
Terrie Reed Symmetric Health Solutions X
Thomson Kuhn ACP X
Timon Grob Philips Healthcare X
Tom Hicke Cognitive medical Systems X
Virginia Lorenzi NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital X X