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Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5251
Participant Passcode: 465366

Web Meeting Info

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Online Meeting ID: lhswg-cc 

Chair: Russ Leftwich 

Scribe: Emma Jones


Russ Leftwich
Emma Jones
Kathleen Connor
Claude Nanjo
Lindsay Hoggle
Chris Melo

Quorum (Chair +3) met? Yes


  1. Review Agenda
    1. Security Labeling
      1. (Claude) For CDS, should the CDS see everything? (Kathleen) Let the CDS be the super user and be able to see everything
      2. CT DAM - roles are associated with privileges. 
      3. Review of Kathleen Spreadsheet
      4. Discussion: 
      5. Have a security label that can have a type. The workflow may be dependent on the type. 
      6. Russ - trying to model all the types with one model and thinking about the attributes applying to the members on the careteam but not at the level of the care team as a whole. 
      7. Kathleen - care team may have sub care team. The information is restricted to the members of  the care team. 
      8. Russ - if a care team is a member of another careteam, the members of the sub careTeam is also members of the overaching care team. 
      9. Claude - Care Team plays a role on a care team. This can be done. Nothing stops the members of the sub team from being members of the higher team.  There need to be an attribute in the DAM for the type of care team. Kathleen suggests getting these from the model she's introducing. 
      10. CT DAM has a category and so does FHIR
      11. DS4P profiles
        1. Confidentiality is required
        2. Policy - e.g. HIPAA
        3. Sensitivity - what is allowed to be seen
        4. Compartment
        5. Trust - e.g. authentication rules
      12. Claude - would the attributes be on the role? Suggestion to come up with a strawman to review with Kathleen. Suggest doing a Clinician-on-FHIR session in the future on how this is modeled. 
      13. Kathleen - working on Permissions resource that is like the consent resource with action data. ACTION - Kathleen will find the link to it and share it. Permission is a set of action which different from access. 
      14. Quick review of the Consent Resource - Kathleen will ask John and David why Consent.Provision has a cardinality of 0..1
  2. Approve previous 2 meeting minutes
    1. Motion: Emma Moved; Claude seconded
  3. Agenda 1
  4. Agenda 2
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