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Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5251
Participant Passcode: 465366

Web Meeting Info

For screen sharing, here is the information to utilize screen sharing: 
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Online Meeting Link: 
Online Meeting ID: lhswg-cc 

Chair: Russ Leftwich 

Scribe: Emma Jones


Mike Padula
Russell Leftwich
Lindsay Hoggle
Stephen Chu
Emma Jones
Claude Nanjo

Quorum (Chair +3) met? Yes


  1. Review Agenda
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
    1. Motion: Emma Moved; Thom seconded

Sept 2020 WGM 

  • LHS will host Joint meeting on Tuesday Sept 22 4:00-6:00 (Joint with CIMI, PCWG, CIC, PA). WGM doodle poll spreadsheet updated to reflect. 
  • ACTION: Russ will get time for Joint with BR&R 

Ballot Reconciliation

Comment #10 - HealthCareProviderOrganizationRole - add options for providerClassification and typeOfService

  • VSAC provider roles valueset includes specialty providers
  • Discussion include organization playing ha role on the care team
  • Have to be careful with the role the organization plays on the care team - for example, Meals-on-wheels.
    • Need clarification on whether meals on wheels is really a health care provider or 
    • should there be a role with the organization as an attribute. 
    • Stephen - the role type is what describes the role. 
    • Claude - HealthCareProviderOrganizationRole is a function of the organization. 
    • Stephen - classification of the organization should be elevated to the organization itself. 
    • Decision - move all 3 attributes of healthcareproviderOrgRole role to HealthcareOrganization entity. This will leave healthcareproviderOrgRole with no attributes. This means it will inherit the attributes from parent classes. 
    • During planning how do you designate the skills that is needed - Skills will stay with the role. 
    • Add types of services provided in the role. 
    • Russ- have a hard time separating the role from the relevant services. Stephen - will have a role base skill - e.g. health care provide role in the context of the server would offer dialysis services. 
    • ACTION: Claude will send the diagram to Stephen. Stephen will provide definition examples. 
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