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Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5251
Participant Passcode: 465366

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Online Meeting ID: lhswg-cc 

Chair: Russ Leftwich 

Scribe:Emma Jones


Russell LeftwichInterSystems
Stephen Chu
Lindsay Hoggle
Thomson Kuhn
Michael PadulaCHOP
Eileen StoreyCDC
Emma Jones
Claude nanjoU of Utah
Genny LuensmanCDC

Quorum (Chair +3) met? Yes


  1. Review Agenda
  2. Approve previous meeting minutes
    1. Motion: Stephen Moved; Emma seconded

Occupational Data for Health - Eileen Story and Genny Luensman

Case Stories for Patient Centered Care – for discussion and possible use in Patient Centered Care DAM, HL7

Drafted by Eileen Storey, MD, MPH and Genevieve B. Luensman, Ph.D.


Use Case #1 - Patient works with paint. The paint is causing his asthma. PCP refers to Occupation specialist. 

Use Case #2 - metal worker with carpal tunnel syndrome. PCP refers to Occupational Therapy. 

Relationship to the care team and care plan concept

Introduces the employer as a component that need to be considered for information sharing. 

Need to consider applicable information sharing

Genny will provide more information about the role of industry hygienist and related release to be signed, etc. 

When workmans comp is involved there is a lot more complexity and could introduce barrier to care. Some states allows the medical insurance to drop coverage when workman's comp or automobile insurance is the payer. 

Providers can make work restriction decisions for the patient that has an effect on the work they are able to do. Can these decisions lead to barriers or SDoH issues? 

Genny will provide updates and send to Russ for further discussion in a future call. 

Care Team DAM Ballot Reconciliation

Comment 12 - location.validityPeriod - extend from 0..1 to 0..* (persuasive with Mod)

  • Is validityPeriod and scheduling the same thing? Suggest using scheduling resource to do scheduling. validityPeriod to be used for slots in the schedule. 
  • scheduling is outside the scope of the care team side. Disposition - clarify what validityPeriod means. Will describe when a resource is available (e.g. when a provider is available or when the operating room is available that is tied to the relevant care team member availability)
  • validityPeriod is a historical name. Suggestion to rename it to 'availabilityPeriod". 

Comment 13 - LocationName - suggestion to have a formal name and multiple aliases. 

  • Suggestion to add multiple locality - consider the case to telehealth. 
  • Suggestion to play out scenario where the careTeam is used in the planning mode and how location ties in. 
  • Will address these issue in this release if its representation in the model is currently wrong. 
  • Will address type in the next release, address cardinality and naming in this release. 

Comment 18 - question about coloring answered. Persuasive with Mod.

Comment 22 and Comment 23

Vote: stephen moved; Claude second 7-0-0

Comment 36 and 41

Vote: stephen moved; Claude second 7-0-0

Next steps - if no other agenda items, Claude will work on the updates. Will not meet next week. 

NIB for Sept Ballot - will we have time to make the changes in time for the sept ballot? Suggestion is to plan for January Ballot. Agreement for Jan ballot. 

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