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Meeting Information

Phone Number: +1 605-472-5251
Participant Passcode: 465366

Web Meeting Info

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Online Meeting ID: lhswg-cc 

Chair: Russ Leftwich

Scribe: Emma Jones


Russell LeftwichInterSystems
Chris MeloPhillips
Emma JonesAllscripts
Lindsay HoggleIris Health Solutions
Claude NanjoUniv Utah
Stephen ChuAustralia

Quorum (Chair +3) met? Yes


  1.  Agenda
  2. Action items
    1. Continue work on the model documentation
      1. Reconciliation with the FHIR model - how far will the reconciliation go? Can always use FHIR extensions or change requests to handle gaps. Concern more with congruence. There was also limitations in one area of the logical model that is too constrained and the FHIR model is more open. In this case will loosen the logical model
    2. Care Team Connecthathon - test the model and it's use cases
      1. Coordinate with Clinician-on-FHIR
      2. Virtual Connecthathon and also the May Connecthathon at HL7 - possible joint effort with the care management track
      3. Need someone to lead coordination - Lindsay Hoggle and Emma Jones
        1. Lindsay will reach out to Sandy Vance for assistance with coordination. Russ will follow-up with Sandy and Graham while in Sydney
        2. Possible feasibility of doing the virtual connecthathon by April. 
        3. Essential element will be to have a server we can use - server candidate of R5. 
      4. ACTION - discuss on the care plan call next Wednesday with Gay and Evelyn's group. 
    3. Resolve the negative comments from the ballot
    4. Need to get the next set of Ballot materials out
    5. FHIR-25267 - Getting issue details... STATUS  -
      1. Need to review statuses in the logical model in general and see if there is congruence
      2. Per Lloyd the proposed value set is too complex. From a clinical workflow perspective need to come up with use cases that would represent the need. 
      3. Suggestion to start with the use cases first then come up with the appropriate value set that would make up the core values to support the workflow. 
      4. Next steps is to create requirement documentation. Will do this offline. ACTION: Emma will start a google doc with some of the existing notes from Clinician-on-FHIR and share with the group. 
        1. Google Doc CareTeam Participant Status Analysis - email sent to group on Jan 18, 2020
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