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Names I could read

Laura Bright - gmail

Tara Himen - HL7

Tara Dickoff

Chris Melo - phillips

Make Hamidi - cdisc

W Gregory - pfizer

Ed Hammon - Duke

Hugh_Glover - Bluewave

Jim McClay

Represented HL7 Groups




Business processes in clinical research

What's the data

what are the systems supporting the workflow

Trial monitoring

informed consent

Study data management


The data flows

the participants in the flow

Part of the DAM - use cases to be agreed upon and used to define artifacts in the domain

Ed:        Huge CTSA environment with existing structure (TIN, C2DH, ACT, etc)

NCATS grant to streamline IRB

He suggests we focus on FHIR

What FHIR is about, what FHIR is facilitating

DAM may not be possible

We don't have use cases without the CTSA


Activities that may be more productive?


Chris Chute thinking about this

Maybe forming a partnership

Technology flow - back to clinical


What about non CTSA folks

IDeA-CTR organizations

OMG BPM+ Health Initiative applied to Research workflows


Represent workflow and data flow for research

Which fire resources for a clinical research protocol


Next steps

informational presentation calls

BPM+ Health

Research processes

CTSA informatics support

Think about an HL7 project to create some convergence

Can we reach a consensus on the components.

Not in competition with FHIR accelerator

Hugh: - FHIR accelerator - Vulcan - bring together groups whom are using FHIR in clinical research - coordinate and priortize efforts

Meeting at Atlanta WGM - agreed on a coordinated approach.

Amy at Phizer

Doris from FDA contributing to organization

Ed: - CTSA isn't a useful group we need to discuss

We need to engage but not sure how

Russ: Closed the meeting at 1:50 CT.

Next steps -

Individual discussions

Solicit materials from others

Future conference calls.

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