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Tuesday Oct 8, 2019 - 11am Boston timezone (Oct 1 is canceled)

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NOTE: We will be using Google Hangout for remote attendees. Please test Google Hangout in advance!


  1. FHIR profiles and EXTENDS (EricP)
  2. POSTPONED: FHIR/RDF for personal health devices (Harold and Lusha)
  3. POSTPONED: (Harold)
  4. Ontologies needed for FHIR HL7 terminologies (Harold)
    1. Issue:
    2. Playground example
  5. Draft ShEx - IPSM comparison article (Pawel)

  1. ShEx validation error of FHIR extension

Future agenda:

  1. Draft paper on the comparison of ShExMap and IPSM techniques for translating FHIR/RDF from one RDF model to another
  2. Prioritizing remaining TODO items
    1. 1. Common use cases
      2. See also:
    2. 2. Add Harold's webinar to the "Using FHIR/RDF" section
    3. 3. List non-monotonic FHIR features
      1. ttp://
    4. 4. Resolve Joao's confusion about the two W3C specs, and decide what do do about them:
      1. >
      2. >
    5. 5. We have a "Deliverables and Editors" list, which needs to be updated:
    6. 6. And we have a github issues list, which we also need to review and update:
    7. 7. Make a list of projects using or planning to use FHIR/RDF
  3. ShEx Profiles (Eric P)
  4. Common semantics across FHIR/RDF properties (João Moreira)
  5. FHIR Linked Data Module TODOs
  6. HTTP content negotiation for FHIR RDF and OWL (Harold Solbrig)

Future agenda:

  1. FHIR/RDF questions from João Moreira (but João will be out on Mar 20)
  1. Mapping OpenEHR ADL to RDF (POSTPONED: waiting for Claude to propose a date/time)
  2. FHIR Metadata Vocabulary - fhir.ttl
  3. FHIR JSON datatypes
  4. OWL for codesystems
  5. OWL header in ttl file
  6. FHIR ontology with I2B2 (Harold Solbrig)
  7. Example of connecting FHIR/RDF to external ontology
  8. Possible to create a FHIR profile in OWL using Protege? (Gopi)
  9. ShExMap Q&A
  10. SNOMED Expressions in FHIR RDF #51 (POSTPONED until approx Jul 18)
    1. Issue 51:
    2. Discussion on zulip:
    3. Turtle example:
    4. Same example in JSON:
  11. Issues list:
  12. Review of remaining FHIR/RDF work:
  13. FHIR RDF deliverables

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