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DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Paul Knapp Contact David Booth about note issues, item approval
Paul Knapp2020-05-05 Meeting Minutes
Paul Knapp2020-04-07 Meeting Minutes
  • Brian Pech  get copies of RDF meeting minutes and post to Confluence
Brian Pech2020-04-07 Meeting Minutes

 Completed tasks

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Schedule Meetings for weekly starting at 3:00pm EST Brian Pech
21 May 2019Brian Pech2019-05-09 WGM Minutes EST Q2
  • Merge form for Publishing 1st Draft  Brian Pech
21 May 2019Brian Pech2019-05-09 WGM Minutes EST Q2
  • Paul Knapp to invite Melva/Lloyd to upcoming call to discuss JIRA balloting
Paul Knapp2020-09-09 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • Brian Pech update call calendar for next trimester calls
Brian Pech2020-05-05 Meeting Minutes
Brian Pech2020-04-07 Meeting Minutes
  • Paul Knappand Anne Wizauerto notify TSC that FMG raised concern about the CARIN reusing the Blue Blue button name 
Paul Knapp2019-11-06 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • Paul Knappwill make a first draft of the retired/withdrawn rules and distribute for comment.
Paul Knapp2019-11-06 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • Paul Knappand Rob McClureto communicate request for updates to scope of Mobile Health App Data Exchange project to project leads
Paul Knapp2019-10-14 TSC Agenda/Minutes
Paul Knapp2019-09-14 TSC WGM Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Paul Knappto ask for the most current version of Currency of Value Set Content
Paul Knapp2019-08-07 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Paul Knapp  will reach out to Ewout to find out if he'll be available for calls and raise issue on FMG
Paul Knapp2019-05-22 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • Brian Pech update conference call info with correct phone information.
Brian Pech2019-05-21 Meeting notes
Paul Knapp2019-04-17 FMG Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Paul Knappto discuss PSAF issues with Security cochairs and get them to next week's call.
Paul Knapp2019-02-11 TSC Call Agenda/Minutes
  • ACTION: Paul Knapp to take back recommendation to CIMI that they have a cosponsor on the ANF project, and then it can go to US Realm if it hasn't already. Austin requests that Paul transmit Jean's and Riki's comments as well. 
Paul Knapp2019-02-04 TSC Call Agenda/Minutes
  • Brian Pech shall fill out the Publishing WG side of the Work Group Change Template
Brian Pech2019-01-17 Meeting notes - Q1
  •  Paul Knappto draft policy on balloted vs. non-balloted feedback
Paul Knapp2018-11-28 SGB Agenda/Minutes
  • Brian Pech  Contact James Agnew and see if he can make the next call.
Brian Pech2018-11-27 Meeting notes
  • Paul Knapp to communicate issues identified by TSC on the CIMI Analysis Normal Form (ANF) Project and ask the WG to make updates
Paul Knapp2018-11-12 TSC Call Agenda/Minutes
  • Paul Knappto ask SOA to clarify intentions on Health Services Platform Marketplace
Paul KnappProject Approval Request by the SOA WG of the Infrastructure SD for Health Services Platform Marketplace