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Chair:  Paul Knapp

Scribe: Brian Pech

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Sept. 2, 2020   Brian/Bryn

Sept. 22, 2020  Brian/Bryn




Bryn Rhodes Clinical Quality Language specification update

CQL balloted in May 2020.

Balloted as mixed normative/trial use.

It has completed reconciliation.

Working with FhIRPath team to make sure that errata are in sync. Changes made in CQL to align with changes in FHIRPath engines so the behavior of both specs mesh. For example, calendar durations. All these changes are errata originating in FHIRPath so CQL, a superset of FHIRPath, has incorporated those errata fixes.

CQL has added an aggregate function that builds on FHIRPath.aggregate(), for example, a factorial use of aggregate.

Also added modular arithmetic for quantities, an expand overload, pass value sets and code systems by reference, support for search definitions in ModelInfo.

Non balloted changes - reference implementation test cases, using profile definitions in FHIR to inform the ModelInfo to allow more intuitive querying within CQL. etc.

The project does have a translator release candidate for a reference implementation of the current version of CQL.

 Adjourned at 3:55 PM

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