HL7 ITS Meeting MinutesDate: 2023-03-01
Facilitator: Paul KnappNote taker(s): Brian Pech

xPaul KnappPKKnapp Consulting
xJeff BrownJBLantana Group
xBrian PechBPKaiser-Permanente

David BoothDBHawaii Group

Bryn RhodesBRDatabase Consulting

Quorum Requirements Met:  yes


  1.  WGM meeting call agenda for ITS.

    1. Defer RDF update at the May 2023 WGM to a scheduled ITS call.
    2. ITS general session: Thurs. Q3 (May 11)
  2. TSC wants ITS to decide what to do with current ITS re-affirmation requests: V3 ISO  datatypes and V3 structures (XML serialization). The TSC wants us to withdraw these as ANSI normative standards and rather declare them as HL7 "normative" standards that are stable and active.  We are waiting to hear back from the TSC chair, who indicated that he would provide ITS with links to the GOM or Essential Requirements that would clarify what "HL7 recognized normative" means. So that ITS can determine whether to alter our re-affirmation request or not. Do parties that use our normative specifications  in formal regulations/requirements require normative standards be approved by authorized normative agencies (ANSI)? We believe that the FDA is requiring our re-affirmation as a component of Structured Product Labeling.


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