HL7 ITS Meeting MinutesDate: 2019-01-08
Facilitator: Dave BoothNote taker(s): Brian Pech

xPaul KnappPKKnapp Consulting
xJeff Brown
Lantana Group
xBrian PechBPKaiser-Permanente
xDavid BoothDBHawaii Group

Bryn RhodesBRDatabase Consulting
xJim Balhoff
Univ. of North Carolina
xDaniel Stone
Mayo clinic
xDeepak Sharma
Mayo Clinic
xRob Hausam
Hausam Consulting
xEric Prud'hommeaux

Quorum Requirements Met: yes


  1. R5 Clean up for Jira tickets with RDF tickets

  2. Accept RDF minutes from interim meetings/calls.


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