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HL7 ITS Meeting Minutes


Facilitator: Paul KnappNote taker(s): Brian Pech

xPaul KnappPKKnapp Consulting

Andy StechishinASCANA Software & Services
xBrian PechBPKaiser-Permanente

David BoothDBHawaii Group

Bryn RhodesBRDatabase Consulting
xJeff Brown

Quorum Requirements Met: yes


  1.  Review projects ITS sponsors or co-sponsors - ITS R1.1,  abstract transport update  - Looking at project insight these appear to have been retired, check with Dave Hammill
  2. Finalize HL7 over HTTP, and submit for publication. (1007), update dates
  3. FHIR work (823)  - still active, advance end dates
  4. (884) - shared messages with InM,  motion to support closing out,  BP/JB, approved
  5. (931) CDS KNARTS , Paul Knapp check with Lorraine Constable about this
  6. (1108) Clinical Quality Language  out for ballot - May 2020, motion to allow going to ballot, BP/JB, approved
  7. We need get copies of RDF meeting notes over to Confluence, Brian Pech
  8. V2MG - V2+ what is the tooling stack that builds the V2+ website? Paul Knappraise this at TSC.
  9. (1420) SOA - Cross Paradigm Transformation Service - reconciliation from Feb 2020 cycle
  10. (1436) Health Services Platform Marketplace, balloted Sept 2019, still being reconciled
  11. (1530) Abstract Transport Specification with InM, has not yet gone to ballot


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