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Title of item up for approval w/linkVoteDecision
Backporting R5 Subscriptions to R4 as an Implementation Guide

Project Approval Request

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Moved-SecondAustin Kreisler (SD)/Rob McClure (Vocab)

Sep 22, 2020 21:26


Project Insight ID1642


  1. Resolve and remove the TBD in 2m.

  2. Given that there won't be an R5 in January where is the new Subscription specification expected to be, in a snapshot of the R5 current build?

  3. Non-substantive, minor suggestion (from Arden Syntax WG):  The title of the project and the IG is ambiguous.  As the project treats different releases of FHIR, then "FHIR" should be added to the title to clarify which thing we're discussing that has these two releases:  Backporting FHIR R5 Subscriptions to FHIR R4 as an Implementation Guide.