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The Infrastructure Steering Division (ISD) (formerly Foundation and Technology Steering Division)focuses on providing the fundamental tools and building blocks that other Work Groups should use to build the standards, and upon the technology infrastructure that implementers of HL7 standards must manage. The following Work Groups make up the steering division:

Work GroupCo-chairs

Arden Syntax

Clinical Information Modeling Initiative (CIMI)

Position: Standards Architect
Department: Veterans Health Admin (J P Systems)
Location: Florida

Position: Senior Clinical Informaticist
Department: Department of Biomedical Informatics
Location: University of Utah


Position: Consultant + Trainer
Department: IT Consulting in Healthcare
Location: Mülheim, Germany

FHIR Infrastructure (FHIR-I) 
Implementable Technology Specifications (ITS)

Phone: +16042501915 +966583149907

Phone: 1-678-245-1762
Department: Kaiser Permanente

Infrastructure & Messaging (InM)

Position: IT Technical Specialist II
Department: IT
Location: Mayo Clinic

Phone: +1 (612) 632-2612
Position: Distinguished Engineer, TLCP
Department: UnitedHealthcare
Location: Los Gatos, CA, US

Mobile Health

Position: Westat - Senior Study Director
Department: Healthcare Delivery, Research, and Evaluation
Location: Oahu, HI

Position: Enterprise Architect
Department: CIO Office
Location: University Medical Hospital Groningen

Position: Technical Specialist II
Department: Information Technology - ERIS MDM
Location: Mayo Clinic - Rochester

Modeling & Methodology (MnM)

Position: President
Department: Hi3 Solutions
Location: Los Angeles


Position: Technical Standards SME

Position: Security WG Co-Chair

Position: Director, Standards and Interoperability
Department: VHA Office of Health Informatics

Position: Cisco Chair & Professor of Digital Health
Department: Flinders University
Location: Adelaide, Australia

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Position: HL7 Italy
Location: CTO

Phone: +61408204765

Structured Documents

Position: Technical Specialist II
Department: Enterprise Application Services
Location: Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Phone: 949-302-8082
Position: Namaste Informatics
Department: Principal
Location: Rogue Valley, Oregon

Phone: 816-679-8323
Position: Director & Solution Strategist
Department: Platform Development, Interop
Location: Kansas City, MO


Terminology Infrastructure

Phone: +13039266771
Position: President
Department: MD Partners, Inc.

Position: Executive Vice President
Department: Services
Location: Clinical Architecture

Phone: +61413155105
Position: Director
Department: Global eHealth Collaborative
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Phone: +61 408 749 769
IM: Skype: reubendaniels
Position: Principal Consultant
Department: Saludax
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Position: Deputy CodeX Tech Lead


The ISD will develop specifications using the principles and language of the Services Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) Canonical Definition (CD) and the restrictions and specializations of the HL7 SAIF Implementation Guide (IG) to ensure traceability from Conceptual to Logical to Implementable specifications. When submitting artifacts or methodology to the HL7 SAIF IG the ISD will develop this content in compliance with the principles and language of the SAIF CD.

Call Information 

See Conference Call Center for updates


Phone: +13039266771
Position: President
Department: MD Partners, Inc.

Phone: +16042501915 +966583149907

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  1. I can't find conference call details in the conference call center.. where and when do we meet?

  2. John Moehrke The ISD actually does not hold regular calls. Instead it holds as needed weekly "decisions" that co-chairs are to vote on. 

    1. Then the above should say that... not explain that one should go to the "conference call center" only to find nothing there. Also I understood there is an expectation that there is a call on the second tuesday of the month... so we need clarity. I certainly am NOT looking for more useless calls. I like the 'on demand' plan. Just need clarity.